Lets Talk About Money

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Money. Chances are this is a difficult subject for you. No? Well then you are the minority.

When women are asked about money they often say things like “I hate to talk about money.” Or even “I feel guilty charging money for my services.” And lately in my industry I hear people saying “you can’t make art that is true to yourself if you are accepting money for your work.”

So not true.

I am going to tell you a little story about me that takes place about 7 years ago. My husband had a good job, I had a good job, a safe one at that. But we were barely making ends meet. Barely. I remember a time when I had a three year old and a six month old and I needed to buy new socks. Socks, you guys. Not an expensive item. We  literally barely had enough money in our bank account to cover it. And I was working EVERY weekend, back to back 12 hour shifts as a nurse while my husband was busting his hump Monday-Friday at his job. What the hell? And don’t even get me started on the pile of debt we had at this time. By pile I mean mountain.

So why am I telling you this? Because you need money. Not just to do extravagant things, but to do necessary things, like buy socks, feed your family, pay the mortgage, buy clothing for your kids. Not to mention saving for retirement, college funds, and emergencies. And if you do make more then you need, you can donate and make change in this world. If you want to take nice vacations or buy nice things, good for you! If you worked for it then you deserve it.

So don’t ever for one second feel guilty for wanting to make good money. Because guess what Ladies? Most men have zero problem wanting money or seeking out jobs that make money. Zero!

After my little sock incident I had a real awakening. I could work a million hours at the hospital, busting my ass for hourly pay, on my feet, often with no breaks to make more, or I could learn how to be a good business women and kill it in with my side hustle. And that is exactly what I did.

I learned everything I could about being a good business owner, about marketing, and I learned about money. How to make it, how to save it, and how to invest it.

The rest is history. Last year I tripled what I was making as a nurse. And I am not ashamed that I wanted to make more money. Because money is necessary to live, ladies.
So change how you feel about money. You deserve to make what you are worth.

Sandra Coan

Sandra Coan in a maternity, newborn and family photographer who specializes in film.  She is also an educator, public speaker and business coach.