Marketing is a Scary Word

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Let's start this week off by talking about marketing

For some reason, marketing is very misunderstood. And I will admit that I didn’t used to know anything about it either.

Seven years ago I was a mom with a camera desperately wanting to gain respect in the photography industry and desperately wanting my business to thrive.

What I thought I had to do was be like everyone else… because hey, if they are finding success I will too.


But I was wrong. Instead of making it work and standing out I was blending in and being price shopped.


You see, if you look like everyone else, then when someone falls on your website they will absolutely go with someone who is cheaper. Because what are you offering that is different?


And if you are unclear about who you are marketing too, you are screaming to the masses and not speaking to that ideal client who wants exactly what you need.


Marketing is simply speaking directly to your ideal client. Take the word marketing out and use storytelling instead. You are telling your story to the person who wants to hear it. Once you can figure out what is that you do that is special, you can craft a marketing strategy that will speak directly to the people who can’t live without what you are offering.


So right now stop and think about what story you are telling. Is it unique or is it the same as everyone else?


That my friend is how you get started on marketing that is impactful. Marketing is not scary, it is necessary and if you want to succeed, you need to learn how to do it.




Elena Blair

Elena S Blair is a lifestyle family and newborn photographer based in Seattle, WA. She is also an educator, speaker, and business coach.