Pricing For Profit In Your Photography Business

If you are trying to figure out how pricing in your photography business you are probably dealing with some frustrating thoughts. 

Pricing For Profit For Your Photography Business

You are hearing people say things like "all inclusive," "in person sales," and wondering what you should be doing.

Well here at Lady Boss Workshops we don't think you need to worry at all about any of those things until you have decided what you need to be charging to turn a profit. 

Once you figure that out, then you can decide what structure makes sense for you. 

We believe you should really work out your costs and what you will be making an hour. 

NOBODY can tell you what you need to be charging or how to structure your pricing. 

Check out our video to learn exactly what you need to consider when working through your pricing and grab our free worksheet to help you work through it! 



Elena Blair

Elena S Blair is a lifestyle family and newborn photographer based in Seattle, WA. She is also an educator, speaker, and business coach.