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3 Marketing Mistakes Most Photographers Are Making

lady boss workshops marketing mistakes that most photographers are making | Business tips for female photographers and advice for creative entrepreneurs

Do you find marketing is confusing?  A lot of us do!

The truth is there are many ways to market yourself. But we see many people make the same marketing mistakes every day.  Here are three of the most common:

  1. You are building your marketing plan based on what you see others doing. Raise your hand if this is what you are doing. It’s okay. If you are new to this, or even if you have been at this for a while, it seems like a good idea to go see what someone who has found success is doing and try and imitate what they are doing. But here is the thing, that person who is finding success likely has a strategy and you have no idea what that is. So simply following their lead isn’t going to get your ideal clients to your inbox. Today, stop building your plan based on what others are doing.

  2. You have no idea who your ideal client is and are speaking to anyone and everyone who will listen. When you post something on Facebook or Instagram, write a blog post, or send a newsletter, do you know who you are talking to? Are you being really intentional and speaking directly to your ideal client? If you are trying to speak to anyone who will listen and not that one specific client your marketing is going to get mixed up with the masses and lost. You need to get really clear about who exactly who you are marketing to right now.

  3. You aren’t infusing yourself into your marketing strategy. It is commonly believed that business should not be personal. Of course, there are instances when this is true. But when it comes to marketing this is not true. You have to connect to your potential clients on a personal level. If your potential clients only know your work and they don’t know YOU then they are going to price shop you because the only thing that makes you different than your competition is your work. If they know YOU then they will book you based on who you are want to work with YOU because of your personal brand, not just your work. So don’t be afraid to put your personality into your brand story.  


How I Grew My List By 100 In 48 hours (And How You Can Too)

lady boss workshops how i grew my email list by 100 in 48 hours  | Business tips for creative entrepreneurs and female photographers

How I Grew my List by 100 new sign ups in 48 hours (and how you can too)


We’ve been talking an awful lot about list building lately!  And that’s because it’s so important!  If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times… the size of your list, not your social media following, is what you should be concentrating on growing!


Last week I decided to walk a bit of my talk.  I made the decision to focus on growing my list and guess what?  I added a little over 100 new followers in 48 hours!


This is how I did it.


1 ) I listened to what my people are telling me.  I’ve been teaching workshops to film photographers for the past five years.  In that time I’ve covered everything from film stocks to studio lighting and in every single class, despite how advanced it is, I’m always asked about metering. Metering is EXTREMELY important when shooting film and it freaks people out!  So I took that knowledge and…

2) I created content I knew would be helpful… I wrote a “How to Meter for Film” PDF and added it as an opt-in to my list on my website


That's it.  And in 48 hours I’ve grown my list by over 100 people.


What to grow your list?  

Get to know your people.

  • Who are they?
  • What do they struggle with? 
  • What do you know or do that can help them?

  Then create that content, and give it too them!  A simple “sign up to receive your FREE (fill in the blank) goes a LONG way!

If you would like more information on newsletters and email marketing be sure to sign up to get our FREE online training!

Why You Need Testimonials and How to Get Them

lady boss workshops why you need testimonials and how to get them  | Business tips for creative entrepreneurs and female photographers

We have a great freebie for you at the end of this tutorial, so be sure to get to the end! 

Hey Lady Boss!

We have all visited fabulous websites or seen Facebook pages or Google Plus pages with raving testimonials. 

Often after seeing that you might think “wow, her fans LOVE her so much. How kind of them to randomly review her business.” Well I am going to let you in on a little secret. Most of those entrepreneurs that you see with raving reviews asked for them. 

Being self employed means you must get comfortable with self promotion.

It isn’t easy, but it’s a must. Asking for a review not only gets you reviews for your business, it also gives you an excuse to contact a past client who may book again simply because you touched base with them. Having reviews is a fantastic way for future clients to gain trust in you and your services. If someone is on the fence about hiring you, a good collection of testimonials may be what makes them decide to hire you. Here are a two ways you can gather reviews from past and future clients right away.

Make it part of your product delivery text.

Every time you wrap up a project with a client, kindly ask for a review. When I deliver a completed online photo gallery I include a short sentence at the end that says: “If you loved your session with me, would you kindly take a few minutes to review my business on Facebook, Google Plus, or by replying to this email with a short review. I operate solely on word of mouth and reviews really help me to grow my small business.”

Send out an email to past clients asking for a review.

Simply send an email saying that you are hoping to start a review page on your website. Say that you are touching base with your best clients for this task. You can offer a freebie, like a discount on their next purchase, money off a session, or a free product for their time. However the freebie isn't necessary.

You will be surprised how generous your clients are with their words. If you are providing a great experience and service, your people will be happy to return the favor. 

Go for it!