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The Business Like a Lady Boss Reviews are in!!

lady boss workshops business like a lady boss reviews | Business tips for female photographers and advice for creative entrepreneurs

Our new workshop, Business Like A Lady Boss, has been live for over a month now!  In it, we talk a lot about the importance of knowing the “why” behind your business.  

Our “why” has always been about empowering women in business.  We want to see you succeed!  And that is precisely why we built this class.  

Reviews have been coming in from women, just like you, who have purchased the course (and I’m not going to lie… some of them made us cry).

We’re so happy to see that this class is already making a difference for some many!  

Here is what people are saying

“Elena and Sandra! Thank you so much for this workshop!  I was so nervous to sign up, mainly because of my budget, but I knew I needed the information. Signing up was the best decision I could have made to take not only my business to the next level, but take me to the next level as a photographer. 

I am learning so much from the videos and worksheets, I have taken workshops and classes in the past, but I am really resonating with the information & way it is presented (having "ah-ha!" moments on almost every module!). 

This workshop feels so personal, I know the information is coming from the heart through your past experiences and expertise and I thank you for opening that up to the world. I have been in business for only a few months and it has been a rollercoaster of trying to figure out what to do and where to start.

This workshop has been a huge asset to many areas I didn't even know I needed to think about. Thank you so much!” - Missy Scharer

I am BLOWN AWAY by this course! 

Yes, we all know that Elena and Sandra are crazy talented and all about community, but this course is so much more! The content is direct and truthful - I know some courses 'hint' at things or tease you with the great topic, but fall short on delivery. 

The Branding Exercise has changed me - I have been stuck so many times and always feel I was close but then would fall short... I had no idea why. It's because there was no passion or emotional investment from the person giving me the 'branding tips' like these amazing women do.

Elena and Sandra truly care about building us up and truly want us to succeed. Please, invest in this; invest in yourself and your business. Invest in the two wonderful Lady Bosses that have invested so much of themselves into our community.” -Emily Cannata

I was on the fence about joining because I've been in business for a couple of years, been booking clients, and thought I had an idea on who my ideal client is. So I was worried I wasn't going to learn too much more. 

Totally wrong! 

Every module has been amazingly eye opening. I am only halfway through and already think it's been totally worth it. I understand so much more about letting your passion drive your business making decisions and how that is what will bring true success. I understand why I'm not standing out in the crowd and I know so much more about who my ideal clients are. 

Sandra and Elena are gifted teachers with so much passion and compassion to see us succeed. I whole heartily recommend this class to everyone, all of those who are just starting out and those that have been in business a while.” - Christinia Prieto Muchow


Change your business (and your life) right now!  Follow this link to register today!



Sandra & Elena

How to Create a Killer Marketing Plan

lady boss workshops how to create a killer marketing plan  | Business tips for creative entrepreneurs and female photographers


Love it or hate it, it's the most important part of your job.  It's what gets your name known in your community, brings in clients, and pays your bills.

It can also be very confusing.  Where do you even start?

I believe that to run an effective marketing campaign there a three things you must know. 

1. Know what you do.

This seems pretty straight forward but the reality is many of us are not clear on what we do.  Instead, we look around and try to do what others are doing, or what is popular, or what we think our clients want.  And I'm speaking from experience!

At the beginning of my career I shot "photo journalistic" weddings.  Why?  Because that's what was popular at the time.  Every successful photographer I met was a photo journalistic wedding photographer.  I wanted to be successful too!  So that's what I did.  

But guess what?  I hated shooting weddings.  

After two years of doing something I hated, I was burnt out and uninspired.  What I really wanted to do was work with babies and families, in a studio.  So I took a leap of faith, and started shooting what I love in a style that was 100% me!  And it made all the difference.  

When I figured out what it was that I did, I suddenly stood out in the crowd.  My work was unique.  I was happy.  And my business started to grow. 

2. Know who your people are.  

Just because you're a newborn photographer doesn't mean everyone with a new baby is your ideal client. Right?  Some people love posed images of newborns curled up and sleeping in baskets and some people love unscripted lifestyle images of diaper changes, nursing and first snuggles.  Two very different kinds of clients.

Your people are clients who love what you do.  They love your style.  Your point of view.  So get to know who your people are.

Look back over last year's contracts.  Who were your three favorite clients?  The ones who totally got you.  The ones that cried from joy when you showed them their photos and then bought your premium package without batting an eye.  Now ask yourself, what do they have in common?  Figure it out.  Write it down.  Create an ideal customer profile based on those similarities. 

Those are your people.

When you know who your people are, everything falls into place.  You know what images to share, what your website should look like, where your pricing should be, what social media platforms you should be active on... all of it.  Because you know what your people like, what appeals to them, what they can afford and where they "hang out" online.

And here is the best part, the more you share what you do with your people, the more your people will tell their people, and your business will grow! Yeah!!

3. Know how to communicate what you do to your people.

This is the marketing piece.  Know what you do, and tell your people about it.  That. Is. It.  

So, how do you tell your people?  

Blog about things your clients care about or need help with (like what to wear to a portrait session, or your favorite park for family photos).  

Share your images on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter, where ever it is that your people are, and engage with your clients.  Talk to them.  Respond to their comments.  Build a relationship.  

Grow your list.  Capture client emails and send out newsletters that are full of beautiful photos and great content.  

Become known in your community.  Sponsor a local event or little league team.  Host a fundraiser.  I always love using my marketing budget to help out my community.  

Most importantly, don't feel bad about marketing.  Marketing is just sharing what you love with people who want to hear about it, and there is nothing wrong with that!


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